“When I left after taking in the narcotic dreaminess of Julius Horsthuis’s “Fractal Worlds,” I needed a moment to adjust my definition of a museum.”

- the Washington Post



Artist: Julius Horsthuis

Music: David Levy

Fractal Worlds is Horsthuis’ first solo exhibition. ARTECHOUSE is an American innovative art space and destination for immersive and interactive art exhibitions. Dedicated to showcasing works by groundbreaking new media artists who are experimenting with new technology and new forms of creative expression, ARTECHOUSE presents exhibitions that support its mission to inspire, educate and empower.

Fractal Worlds consists of a 22-minute 270-degree immersive film, rendered on an extremely high resolution, and eight VR stations with different immersive films.

“Horsthuis considers his work “a journey of discovery” and we, as audiences, are invited to step inside these new, fractal realities. The results, accompanied by an original score, are both cinematic in their visual scope, and operatic in their approach: cities emerge from space ships, bottoms of ocean turn into jungles, at any point in time anything can happen and feel as if they reach what our imagination is capable of.” - BrightestYoungThings.com