The DNA of mathematics - endless shapes and forms. by Julius Horsthuis music: "Soufie"by Banco de Gaia

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A tweak from a tweak from a tweak. Most of my work is starting to become like this. The pineapple forest was a variation on 'the Branching of Phyla', which I created for a pitch. Because it was not selected, it turned into an animation. I think this particular formula is rather interesting, there's a lot of shapes that it can produce, and the palm-leafs are quite serendipitous.
The dynamic fog isn't usually very present in my work, but here I've used it, and it produces some thin, smoky geometric lines. Sort of foreboding where matter were to appear if you'd change the threshold of some function. I thought it was interesting to try some psychedelic tune, although this one is really old- from the early nineties. Electronic music does not always sit well with this type of animations, but in this case I thought it would add to the trippy atmosphere. It is my entry for the 2015 fractal art competition. On July 1st, it was announced this piece is the winner of the competition!