When creating fractals I always wonder what they would look like I were to walk inside of them, How best to approach such an issue as to explore it through the eyes of a child? Shot, cut, rendered & comped by Julius Horsthuis with Jayne-Elja Mumbi music by Chillheimer https://www.evermusic.de


Fractalforums.com has an annual fractal art competition, and since i'd just started with fractals I thought i'd compete. Also, it was a nice excuse to try something with a slightly bigger scope. In some respects I feel I've failed here..
I'd started experimenting with fractals before because I wanted to use them as decor in a film I was writing, and I wanted to know how feasible this was. This short could have been a nice proof of concept, but being a no-budget film I had to resort to filming in my living room in front of a lastolite green screen. My daughter stars in it and I'm very proud of her natural performance.
In order to really explore the possibilities of mixing real actors with fractal environments, I will need a better stocked green screen studio. The movie made it to second place in the contest, only after Torsten Stier's breathtaking video Waterbreathing.