"Amazingly controlled fractal animation by Julius Horsthuis - Embryonic Development is quite alien & beautiful."


The third of a Fractal Symphonic Trilogy. I've tried to make an aesthetically appealing animation using fractal software, so to give an organic and familiar experience to the otherworldly beauty of fractals. ***An anaglyph 3d version available here:*** https://vimeo.com/94945120 by Julius Horsthuis music: 'Bettler' from der Kuebelreiter by Maurice Horsthuis Rendered in mandelbulb 3d

And here's a 3D version:


Since this was my third fractal film, i dubbed them a trilogy. I guess this ties in with the fact that this is the third and last film to use the music from 'der Kübelreiter', but in other respects I'd deviated from the other two.
First of all, it's a different formula and doesn't have the circular symmetry. Also, this is the first time I experimented with color, and there's a lot less depth of field. Doing this piece, I really got the hang of the animation editor in Mandelbulb3d, as I had to do a lot of backtracking if i got stuck with my camera in a place I didn't like. The morphing structures really work well, and although I think there's a lot of flaws, it got some eyebrows raised at the time I published it on Vimeo.