"We had Julius out at the SAMSKARA studio in Chiang Mai last month and are excited to see the new equations of eternity he continues to discover."


A series of Fractal organic landscapes with geometric structures. Between the organic and the geometric, interesting things happen. www.julius-horsthuis.com All rendered in Mandelbulb3D Music: "The Bedraggling" by Tipper


I knew that it existed before, but had never really tried to make anything with the method. I'm talking about DE combinate, a method in Mandelbulb3D that lets you combine fractals in another way. You can actually have two completely different fractals in one scene. One has to be a simple one that consists as only one formula, and the other can be a regular one that is more complex.
So I tried to make these geometric structures that exist in some natural scene like a jungle. Especially interesting is what happens on the intersection. Like the ornamental structures in the 'Garden Temple' scene - they are basically half "Amazing Box" (the temple) and half the mix of formulas that created the plants and flowers.
When I made this in 2016, I had just returned from a short but very inspiring journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was invited there by visionary artist Android Jones to talk about working together on his fulldome project Samskara. It was a truly amazing trip and I imagine that the lush temples I saw there must have somehow inspired this piece as well. This is also true about the music I used for this piece. I had never heard of David Tipper, but Andrew (Android) introduced me to his music. This particular piece - The Bedraggling - went very well with the eerie and weird landscapes.