"What makes the scenery in Foreign Nature so compelling isn’t just the faces, temples, or geographic likeness that melt into existence, but it’s the hypercubic 4-dimensional physics that allow for these things to transmute into 3-dimensional space that really has us turning our heads."



The first virtual reality experience i've produced. a 10 minute soundless fractal experience.



Rendering fractals for VR isn''t something you do overnight. You have to render the space all around you, with a special, panoramic camera. This being my first VR fractal, I had somebody bringing in an Oculus Rift, and wanted to render out a 'simple' fractal - or one that rendered quickly. I used a fly-through I'd made for 'rank1 - airwave' and slowed it down, while rendering panoramic.
Lodewijk Luijt brought the oculus two days later, when only one minute or so had rendered, but when I saw it I was awestruck. The fact that the fractal was 'simple' with a lot of geometric straight lines made it even more architectural. Over the next week or so, the fractal continued rendering as I kept re-compiling it to watch it become longer and longer. I tried various musical tracks with it, but settled on releasing it without music.