Dear visitor,

Over the years I've gathered experience in film, 3D animation and VFX that I now try to expand with a little help from fractals. It's an ideal playing field to develop skills in color, camera, lighting and composition. In 2014 I started creating Fractal shorts, but also tutorials, virtual reality experiences and immersive films for domes.

Now I've combined all this material on this website, for easy browsing and categorization. I've also included some new content, like a gallery page with some fractal artwork.

For people interested in the process and techniques I've also written a little background on each Fractal short. The articles vary in scope; some are about techniques, others are more about the idea behind it or some hurdle I had to take to finish the piece.. 

I've also included the animation files for each Fractal short. You may download it and open it with the free software (Mandelbulb3D) to study your favorite fractal or maybe improve upon it. More information on the software in the about section. You can find the background and animation file in each of the Fractal Shorts

If you want to contact me you can do this on Twitter or Vimeo. The latter is also the place to comment on the videos if you want to. Or you can send me an email.:
If you feel you want to donate some money to support my work you are very welcome as I've embedded a 'donate' button in the about section.

The aim of this website is two-fold: I want to promote my own work so that more people will see it, and give suggestions and feedback so that I can become better at what I love doing by doing more of it. On the other hand I also hope to inspire people to create, and want to share what I've learned with the community that I've learned so much from.

Julius Horsthuis