F r a c t a l T i m e

a fulldome film by Julius Horsthuis


Fractal Time is an abstract, immersive film that plays with the origin and future of our universe. Horsthuis considers his work “a journey of discovery” and the audience is invited to step inside these new, fractal realities. The results, accompanied by an original score, are both cinematic in their visual scope, and operatic in their approach: cities emerge from space ships, bottoms of ocean turn into jungles, at any point in time anything can happen and feel as if they reach what our imagination is capable of.

Fractal Time is specifically designed for the fulldome format, with omnidirectional viewing in mind, but works equally well in forward-facing tilted domes. The best way to experience Fractal Time is to lay back in beanbags and let the fractal worlds wash over you.

In addition to being an enjoyable journey, the film can be used to accompany an educational program about mathematics or fractals. Some concepts are better understood when experienced firsthand, and fractals are no exception.

Technical specifications:

Running time: 11 minutes
4096x4096 @30fps
Audio: 2ch

For inquires please contact juliushorsthuis@gmail.com