Not modeled or sculpted, a fractal is a mathematical set with self-similar properties. If explored, one can find the most bizarre of shapes and patterns.

rendered in Mandelbulb 3D
music by Maurice Horsthuis

download animation file


This piece with misspelled title was the very first fractal short I produced. Many have pointed out that the name of H.R. Giger is without an E. I'll just have to use the excuse that the title is referring to the inventor of the geiger counter.
Having played with fractals before, it was not until I rendered out a high contrast fractal and added some DOF that the image started to look really rich. This was enhanced when I graded the piece to a black&White tint. The fractals had looked kind of digital until then,, and this way it looked really photographic. The glinting Bokehs made it look like the surface was wet, so I added some rain.
The set of formulas I came to when I browsed some work on Deviantart, where the nice folks share their parameters. I found something I liked, but it wasn't until I started deforming the shape quite a lot that I suddenly came upon these skull like creatures. I was really excited about this, so I rendered out an animation that would 'reveal' the aliens..
I published it on Vimeo (right after signing up) and immediately got some nice response from the community. If I hadn't, i probably never would have made the rest of the work I made, since the feedback you get from people is such a big motivator. If you, who reads this, are one of those people who clicks the 'like' button or takes the time to write a comment - Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the life blood of creativity.