"Geologic Time is a stunning tribute to the complicated beauties of mathematics."


Fractals can be amazing, but they have their way of dazzling you with more visual detail then you can possibly absorb, or using fast changing colors and music to keep the mind entertained. What I tried to do here is to slow down time so much that the fractal morphs almost unperceivably , while keeping visual detail fresh and clear enough to keep your eyes darting around the (big, 1080p) screen for a while. I believe that this way, we are more focused and this state opens and stimulates the mind in a different way. Give me eight and a half minutes of your time, and I hope to bring you a different and profound experience. By Julius Horsthuis Music: “Gerudo Valley” by Koji Kondo stretched 400%

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The first film I did that uses a full 16:9 aspect ratio in stead of the 2.35:1 that I had used until now. Also, with this one, there is no moving camera, nor any hand-held camera trickery.
The idea was more that of a moving painting, something you would have on your wall - slowly but surely moving about.
In order to have enough new detail i introduced an extra formula that breaks up the geometric shapes from the first couple of minutes into more organic shapes. Since this was also quite an architectural piece, I decided to use a point light to light it from within, Unfortunately this gave some problems regarding clipping and blown-out highlights in the middle arc. I had to re-render some frames to remove some artifacting because of this.
In order to emphasize the 'painting' of this piece I used some heavy dirt overlays which are nice when there's next to no motion, but becomes slightly silly when there's a big white block moving through the shot. I decided to keep it in.
Using Paulstretch I stretched a wonderful track from the orchestral version of the Ledgend of Zelda, emphasizing the liquid slow motion feel- and reminding me a little of the music from the matrix.