"Welcome to the bizarre reality of fractals!"


A series of portraits of Fractal shapes. These shapes are emergent from relatively simple mathematics, not unlike a simple molecular structure can create an infinite amount of differently shaped crystals. They look designed, but this is just an Illusion. by Julius Horsthuis music: 'Boxring' by Maurice Horsthuis

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Creating this piece started with four stills I'd made that I decided to extend to six, and re-render with a moving camera. Also I wanted to experiment with combining graphical elements like text with the fractals, because I think such imagery would fit a title sequence very well.
Since the camera motion is always linear, I didn't bother with camera tracking, but just eyeballed the placement of 2D text in after effects, using some beveling and coloring to make it blend into the scene. Depth of Field and lens flares helped making the fractals look more photographic and designed, even though I argue that this is just an illusion.
My father's music 'Boxring' that he wrote ten years prior for a documentary seemed to fit the illusory beauty of the vignettes perfectly.

in 2015, an extended version of 'illusions' was made for the 360 dome of SAT, Montreal.. It features nine 'illusions', rendered in 360 degrees, 4K. The same score was used, but, in stead, paulstretched.