"I felt exactly like Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz as I dove headlong into Julius Horsthuis’s phenomenal film Lingua Naturæ."


Feel like a fractal caving adventure? A quest for the language of nature. by Julius Horsthuis rendered in Mandelbulb3d, with additional techniques in 3DS MAX music: "One billion miles out" by Banco de Gaia

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The title is a reference to a quote from the movie 'Pi' by Darren Aronofsky: "mathematics is the language of Nature", which seemed fit for a natural world built by math.
The piece features 7 vignettes, all rendered by the same combination of functions, some with and some without Julia mode. I enhanced the slow moving renders with various effects, but all were based on the 'photoscan' technique I explain in my tutorial. and perfected by Sander Mettes. 
The water surface in the cove is rendered in 3dsmax, using the scanned geometry to project on and render underwater with correct refractions, the caustics effect was done in a similar way.
The frozen droplet is a realflow mesh, simulated by Lars Snelders.
I wanted to create a soundscape and feel like we're diving deeper and deeper into an abyss, and wanted to use music from the luc besson movie 'Atlantis' by Eric Serra. However, the tracks were too long and didn't play well with the short, and then found a great track by Banco de Gaia that fitted the scene perfectly.