What if matter was nothing but multi-dimensional moiré patterns? by Julius Horsthuis - the intentional noise in this video makes compression very hard. It's best viewed by downloading the original .mp4 rendered in Mandelbulb3D music: "Cosmos II" by Murcof


The world of Moiré came into existence when i played with some parameters from another project and suddenly switched off Julia. Immediately there was an eerie, dark beauty in the world in front of me, but it was just too noisy. Sometimes when playing with fractals you just get some crazy noise, and this combination of functions seemed to generate quite a lot of it. Usually noise is not a good sign, and you start tweaking until it's gone, but this was different.
most of the time I render my fractals with 2X anti-aliasing, but in this case I had to use 3x aa. (More then doubling the render times) I found then when these noise patterns where softened by the Anti-aliasing they created a beautiful texture. There's a lot of clipping artifacts in this one, but I still like it because it's so damn alien.
In compositing stage, I've treated the distant objects like they are colored with something like a ballpoint.
I'd used a song from murcof before, and another from the same album seemed befitting of this weirdness.