My trip through the Rhine Valley in Germany and the Morvan in France turned into a spiritual journey about death and loss through what appears to be Middle-Earth.
I combined Mandelbulb3D fractals with photogrammetry captures from scenery that I encountered.
The music I used is Mimi Page’s cover of Aniron by Enya.

I’ve experimented a few times before with having real objects (or people) merged in the fractal scenes. Technically this is challenging, but aesthetically it’s even harder. Because the fractal itself is such a harmonious composition, any foreign object immediately sticks out. By showing the imperfections of both methods and imperfectly compositing them I hope I partly circumvented that issue. I still think that there’s a more prominent place to be had for fractals in visual media, and this is another exercise on that track.
I found this wonderful Enya cover by Mimi Page, who makes the melody sound like a sweet perfume. I recognized that having this kind of music and fantasy-visuals can quickly become extremely cheesy, like a bad LOTR fan film, but I hoped that the confidence of the music and the true nature of the fractal storytelling would help me overcome that trap.

Tools used are
-Reality Capture
-After Effects
-Look Suite

-Model of woman is Jenna Marie Finney