After the Fractal Symphonic Trilogy, I continue my journey exploring Evolution and the natural world though Fractals. by Julius Horsthuis music by Chillheimer rendered in Mandelbulb3D

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This is the first time i experimented with a riemann coupled with an amazing surf. The riemann slows down the render considerably, but is responsible for the cage-like structures. A _Gnarl is what makes it all, well, gnarly. I thought the structure looked a lot like a brain, hence the title.

Another structure featured in a still i'd published called 'Cor Carcerem' - Spanish for 'caged heart'. I thought i'd be cool if it could beat like a heart, but this is a task easier said then done in the world of fractals. The problem is that if you animate something, everything changes; there's no way to single out the heart. This is why I tried to re-render the beating and composite it over the background. The matte edges i extracted from the 8-bit z-buffer clearly show, and it wouldn't pass scrutiny in any VFX work i usually do, but these type of videos are more forgiving. (saving me a lot of rotoscoping)
The zip-zoom after the heartbeat is actually a cut, not a continuous zoom, but I think nobody notices. For the end titles i tried something different, also showing the Mandelbulb3d parameters and other info in the fractal.

Bernard 'Chillheimer' Geiger had contacted me via and wanted to compose music for my work, and this piece was our first collaboration. I greatly admired his melodic trance style from a piece he did for Kameelian, Octopussies Garden and was willing to listen to what he would make. Needless to say, I was very happy with the result. After that, we've done multiple other collaborations.