"Beautiful fractal landscape seems like eerie, epic ruins"


Poetic Fractals. I use fractals for developing skills – they are exercises in framing, composition, typography, color and style.

"Reaching Land" by Patrick O'hearn
rendered in Mandelbulb3D

When we look
at our world
we search
for patterns
struggling to make sense
of a senseless place
Peace is found
in chaos
as we fill it
with purpose
create meaning
in our Fractal Brains


I really liked the film 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' by Ben Stiller. The unconventional imagination of both the lead character as well as the director resonated with me. One of the scenes that stuck was the scene where Mitty first starts to travel, to Greenland. Everywhere through the shots we see words that form sentences. I wanted to do something like that, and that's how the idea of this short film emerged. When I discovered Patrick O'hearn's Reaching Land trough Google Play Music's recommendations, It clicked. That was the score to use for this idea.
So I set out to write something like a poem, that kind of did that thing, and started digging through the vast Fractal Soil to unearth those little gems.
Graphic design is definitely not my strongest side (understatement) but I tried to play around with fonts and styles, having learned a little from my time with Carbon Media. Machmoving occurred mostly in After Effects, although I did the glass / crystal scene in 3dsMAX. That was by the way also the first time I used Transparency in MB3D. Something postponed for that long because of its ridiculous long render times, as well as its need for triple anti-aliasing, in stead of double, as I use to.
The response has been amazing to this video, and at October 24th 2015 it has been picked by Vimeo as a Staff Pick, of which I am immensely proud.