As a fractal archeologist, I enjoy unearthing hidden gems that lie deep within the mathematical soil. These artifacts are phenotypic expressions of their 'genes' - their formulas. Fractal video by Julius Horsthuis rendered in Mandelbulb3d

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The underwater effect that some people noticed, (Caustics) was never intended. It is an artifact of the fact that coloring depends on scale,, which is always a variable in mandelbulb. Color depends among other factors on how far we are from an object, and this can introduce these kind of artifacts.
Every film I do is a learning experience and this was one of the lessons I got from this one, and I've found some ways so counter, or minimize this issue.
The scene started as a tweak from a picture I saw on Deviantart, and after playing with the parameters (I sufficiently altered them that I feel fine not remembering or mentioning the source) I found these crypt-like sarcophagus shapes. I thought they looked really cool, so did some cool morphs and camera motion.
I think I went overboard with the hand-held shake though. The ending is supposed to be an 'infinite fractal zoom' but the fact you can't do logarithmic camera paths makes this problematic.
The music is a chant I found online that I paired with a piece from the movie sucker punch.