"Wunderschönste 3D-Fraktale im Weltraum, unterlegt von amtlich dröhnendem Space-Ambient"


2396 AD. A space vessel is stranded in the outer Oort cloud. No help is coming. The Explorers and Astronomers aboard, suffering from asphyxiation and frostbite are starting to hallucinate. This is their Fractal Hallucination. by Julius Horsthuis

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The story at the beginning is the same as I used in 'Navigation in Dreamtime', only set in the far future in stead of the past. I used it for the same reason to set the audience up for what they are about to see, and to try to give it meaning somehow.
This is something I struggle with, how can you tell a story through fractals? Just being beautiful is meaningless and I want to evoke emotions- Usually people all give their own meaning to a piece, and that's fine, but their imagination needs to be kick-started first in order to get really going.
The fractal is maybe the simplest formula I've used, and came about when I saw that a structure looked like solar panels. I tried to color them accordingly, with black reflective paneling and white structures. The Tunnel is maybe the coolest as it reminded me of a scene in the sci-fi horror film Event Horizon.
Music is the trailer from Prometheus Paulstretched.