"Julius Horsthuis's beautiful CG short, visualizes the wiring of the human brain."


Consciousness is still a very difficult thing to understand, but we know it has something to do with the trillions of connections in our brains. Our Fractal brains. Because the grey matter has developed in a similar way as these visuals: very simple beginnings bring forth infinite complexity. by Julius Horsthuis music: "Ladakh" from Michael Stearns

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This short started as a variation on 'convergent evolution' which uses the same set of parameters. Also I experimented with reflections, something I don't often use because it increases render times and barely ever looks good on curved and detailed surfaces.
However, on these flowing lines and wires it gave a great liquid metal look that I really liked. I kept the color palette to a minimum and used a stark whitish background. I did quite a lot of heavy time remapping, and as a result had to re-render some bits at twice the frame rate to hide the artifacts.
Having tried other music first that didn't quite work I really liked the analogue sound of raw instruments,, and settled on a score from the movie 'Samsara' by Michael Stearns.