"Attention, expérience hypnotique hors du commun!"


2015 AD. A tunneling operation has gone terribly wrong. The tunnel caved in and the engineers are trapped inside. Suffering from heatstroke and asphyxiation, they start to hallucinate. This is their Fractal Hallucination. www.julius-horsthuis.com music: 'Don't let go' by Steven Price


As with so many other works, this piece started with some experimentation. I thought the resulted render looked somewhat like a drill, or tunneling device, with interlocking gear-like bore heads. I was thinking about how I would go about rotating the bits, and it turned out that rotating one of the axes of the Amazing Surf parameter did just that. I learned some things from the way the keyframing worked by this. Rotating more then 180 degees between to key frames resulted in an opposite rotation the other way. So rotating 360 degrees equals no rotation at all. Because I wanted to spin the gears quite quickly I had to use the maximum rotation possible, which is 179 degrees/frame to make sure it was spinning the correct direction. This is another example of the severe limitations of the software, and would be totally unacceptable in 3dsMAX or Maya, but I really enjoy finding creative solutions around these restrictions.
I had used the little story, with the phrase "This is their Fractal Hallucination" twice before, and thought it was fitting to use as the third installment of the 'Fractal Hallucination' series. The other two are 'Solar Wind' and 'Navigation in Dreamtime'.
Sometimes really weird things happen in these things, like the bit where all the round things seem to emerge out of a milky liquid substance. This is a total accident and not intended at all, but to my satisfaction it works out great. To enhance the sci-fi horror feel I used an alarming track from the movie 'Gravity'.