Julius Horsthuis’s film is a dark ambient meditation on death. Beginning in a period of ancient time, you descend to meet the morphing mask of death which takes you into a period of modern time, the journey becomes more lateral as you move closer to the existential moment of death. ----- Websites: ~Synthetic Aurality: https://syntheticaurality.bandcamp.com/ ~Julius Horsthuis: http://www.julius-horsthuis.com/


Share Ideas asked me to produce a video for Synthetic Aurality's dark ambient track. Although this isn't the type of music I'd normally use, I thought it'd be interesting to try and create something that reflects the process of dying. I'd used this parameters before, for a still - and I thought it looked like a crypt, or a tomb. After it morphs, it becomes more surreal, and eventually it seems to completely engulf you with chaos.
There is a lot of clipping in this piece, and with more time, i would probably have fixed it, but there was no room for that.