in 1991, professor Richard Dawkins gave the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. I have taken some parts of it and weaved them through a wondrous journey through fractal time and fractal space. A Mandelbulbian homage to science. Music: Asura - Le Dernier Voyage for more on my work:


The title of this lecture by Richard Dawkins has always really struck me as something beautiful and I'd been wanting to use it for Dream/Iterate. But that would've been plagiarizing.
In this case it makes sense because I've used the audio from the actual lecture, as recorded by the Royal Institution in 1991.

I thought it would be a fun experiment to try and have a voice-over guide you through the fractals, but it was hard to find a voice that made sense of this senseless place.
Obviously, nothing that Dawkins talks about has much to do with what you see, but I still think it's interesting, and it puts our minds into a particular direction in order to create meaning.

If you think the text is too much - or if you think the subject matter is not interesting, you can also listen to his talking more as ambient sound, as I used to do back in school, as the monotonous voice of the teacher would blur away as I was staring out of the window, daydreaming of fractal universes.