"The transitions between vivid green landscapes, earthy brown pillars, alien red outcroppings and, finally, shiny white light is an emotional journey."


A Fractal Haiku by Julius Horsthuis 2015 music: "I Have Begun My Ascent" by Jessica Curry

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This started out as an interesting combination of functions that looked kind of interesting to me. Basically I wanted the morphing to be more slowly and throughout the piece. Every keyframe looked totally different, not only the function changed, also the colors of every keyframe.
Originally the piece was longer, with some extra stuff happening at the end, after the 'blue sky'. I tried to turn it into a black and pink neon world, but this really didn't look any good, so I chopped off the ending, giving it a much more solid feel.
I've always liked the soundtrack of the game 'Dear Esther' and its eerie but beautiful sound worked really well with this piece.