the work of Julius Horsthuis

For a quick overview of my work, checkout my showreel series called FRACTALICIOUS.

FRACTAL SHORTS are short films that you can watch. I've also included the parameters and *.m3a file for those of you who want to experiment with Mandelbulb3D themselves.

Or, watch VR PROJECTS if you have a headset.

Latest fractal short

This is my latest Fractal Short film, you can watch them all at FRACTAL SHORTS.


Checkout my Fractalicious Series, and The Infinitely Colorful Biodiversity of Fractals.

Latest Fulldome Film

This is my latest Fulldome film, for use in dome theaters or planetariums.

Interdimensional VJ Pack

20 Unique High Quality VJ loopsin the "Interdimensional" theme.