"Galaxarium, Julius Horsthuis's 3D fractal animation, explores vast cosmic architecture, set to a sweeping Hans Zimmer soundtrack. Beautiful stuff."


Emergence and self-similarity. by Julius Horsthuis music: "Day One Dark" by Hans Zimmer


This world is actually a standard Amazing Box, but it has some extra functions that create the tron-like lines. Together with a dark/yellow texture and some after effect glow I though it looked kinda cool. It rendered quite fast, and at one point I changed the ending, to go spiraling down a field of pillars.
'Endless' zooms I don't actually often use, although it's one of the most well-known and interesting features of fractals. There are two reasons for this. One is that once zoomed in really deep you usually cannot change (or morph) the parameters much, since every millimeter has become a light-year. The second reason is that it's hard to create a smooth curve down the generations. The camera path should actually be logarithmic, but there's no way to implement this in Mandelbulb3D, so there's this jagged motion like a car that keeps accelerating and braking. You can see this unfortunate effect at the end of 'Phenotypic Sarcophagi'. The Spiraling seems to solve this problem. I've used this also in a music video I did.
Ever since the 1990's I've liked the music of Hans Zimmer, but usually I find it too bombastic to use for fractals, but the organs from Interstellar were just begging to be used between these grand pillars.