Three-dimensional mirrors reflecting the fourth dimension. This becomes very unstable quickly. By Julius Horsthuis 2015 Music: “Mantra, Organics” by Michael Stearns


Starting out as a deleted scene from 'lingua naturae' i came upon this nice shape that looks somewhat like a mechanical tree. I started animating it, with the camera moving into the tree structure as I animated the function sliders to morph the fractal.
In the tiny preview window, this looked really awesome. However, after it had rendered, I saw lots of things I couldn't tell from the navigator window. In the small navigator window it looked like the morphing of the structure was many-fold and layered. It turned out is was only symmetry axes that moved in and out, giving a 'kaleidoscope' effect that I usually try to avoid. There are plenty of examples of this (for me) unwanted effect, but it's something that you just have to accept at some level.
here it was so prevalent that I just had to deal with it, so I introduced the 'mirror' theme. Also I played the movie backwards, starting from within, and revealing the tree-shape in the final moments. Some broken glass textures where tracked and rendered in 3dsmax, and all the webbing is from a 3dsmax plugin, GrowFX.