Fractal shapes and patterns twist and turn to evolve into the Thirteen Skulls. The resolution lies in an entirely different fractal dimension. Rendered in mandelbulb 3d by Julius Horsthuis music: "Regionen" from 'der Kuebelreiter' by Maurice Horsthuis


An adaptation from 'Geiger's Nightmare' which featured only ten fractal skulls, I started by ramping the polyfold symmetry order up from 20 to 26, yielding a total of thirteen fractal skulls. (since each skull is symmetrical in itself, you can imagine 26 planes of symmetry radiating from the center)
I also copied other elements of the first fractal film, like the stark black and white look, the rain and water effects, and the music from 'der kübelreiter'
The animation I have spent quite a bit of time on, until it culminated into a little story arc, where the skulls would suddenly rise (into heaven?) The slow, long camera movement coupled with the cinematic score made this feel a lot like the opening titles for a feature film.