Mandelbulb Maniacs and the Future of Fractal Art

Slowly but surely it seems that my work, and the work of other great fractal artists around the world, is being noticed by a broader audience and also appreciated as a more mature art form. I won't go so far as to say it's popular - as I believe this abstract art will still only appeal to a certain audience, but there's traction nevertheless.

The Facebook group Mandelbulb Maniacs almost has 6000 members. These are not just people creating fractals, but also a lot of people who have seen the magnificent shapes these algorithms can produce, and they want to see regular updates in their timeline. In this group some truly amazing artists reside, and I'm often very intrigued by what Dortus Gunst, Philippe Jacqueroux, Gary Webb, Barbara Russell and many others I can't possibly all mention produce on a daily basis. There are also some interesting 'trends' that seem to emerge, especially because everybody shares their parameters, which means you can learn from each other's masterpieces. It would be an understatement to say that I've learned a lot from this group.

Not just online, but also offline these works are being recognized and praised. People use it for obvious reasons as VJ material in clubs and venues, but there's also an increasing number of digital art festivals that love to showcase fractalicious art. Last year I traveled to Geneva and Montreal to create a show for the full-dome format. This immersive format really provides fractals with an extra dimension. This year it seems that there will be more opportunities to showcase to the world what's possible in the infinite world of fractals.

I'm currently working on various projects that contain fractals in one way or another, and I hope to present you soon a list of places around the world where my work can be seen. For the moment there are some events lined up In the Netherlands, but hopefully I will be able to add more worldwide events soon. Right now, I'm getting ready to go to Thailand, to meet a great artist who's working on an immersive film. I hope that we'll be able to create something inspiring together. 

Keep an eye on my Events page that I'll try to update frequently with events and festivals my work will show in one way or another.