Live Visuals

In my early twenties, I used to call myself VJ for a while. Armed with two DVD players and a Panasonic MX-50 I used to frequent semi-large venues in Amsterdam, mixing together some funky visuals for the clubbers of those days. Mandelbulb3D hadn’t been invented yet, so I relied on 3D Studio MAX to create tunnels, kaleidoscopic colors, and jumping mushrooms. At age 23, I won the ‘best VJ’ award from the Twix Talent Room. But somewhere around the year 2005 my interests shifted to other endeavors and I let the VJ-ing slide.

Until now. Just last weekend I had my renaissance as a live visual artist – by being invited for the Shattered Barriers event in London. The psychedelic trance music went very well with my fractal artwork. It was incredibly fun and this is definitely something that I will want to be doing more of.

Which is why I’m writing this blog post. If you’re an event organizer, and want to book me as a live visual artist, now you can. Don’t worry – I’m not using DVD players and an MX-50 anymore, but obviously have got the latest hardware and software.
I am mixing clips from a vast repertoire of all my own fractal work -plus a lot of unreleased material – long colorful fly-throughs that work great on large screens, morphing alien worlds that make those on the dance-floor feel like they are on a journey – keeping in tune with the ebb and flow of the music.